1. hommesjurent:

    Halston & Warhol: Silver & Suede

  2. livelymorgue:

    June 3, 1953: “In the tramp of ten thousand marching feet the oldest among the spectators heard an echo of the might and majesty of the greatest empire that the world has ever known,” a breathless reporter for The New York Times wrote on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s crowning. “Only the British, among all the peoples of the earth, could have staged such a display and every moment of it seemed to be savored by an appreciative public drawn from the four quarters of the globe and from virtually every nation and people under the sun.” A far cry from these days, when it seems the only thing keeping the monarchy from receding into obscurity is a single tiny baby. Photo: The New York Times

  3. guardianmusic:


    Now that the only likeable manic pixie dream girl in the history of the world is playing live for the first time in 35 years, expect a lot of our music coverage to centre around her return. Just for a couple of days, mind.

    If you weren’t lucky enough to nab tickets to her series of shows, live vicariously through Alexis Petridis’ five-star review (and Harriet GIbsone’s liveblog from night one, yesterday).

    (via guardian)

  4. smithsonian:

    cooperhewitt's Object of the Day: Chinoiserie Wallpaper, c. 1770-80. 

    This 18th c. English wallpaper was designed in the style of Jean Pillement, french illustrator and royal painter to Marie Antoinette. 

    The repeating pattern of flowers and foliage show Asian motifs w/ a Western spin. More about how Pillement gained inspiration for this design without actually setting foot in Asia.

  5. secretcinema1:

    Jane GreerPalm Spring Racquet Club, 1946, Bruno Bernard

  6. monsieur-shane-monster:

    Not your grandma’s knitting 👵 (at Fashion Institute of Technology)

  7. fitdesignerfiles:

    Collection: FIT Library Designer Files

    Designer: Versace, Gianni, 1946-1997

    Historical Period by Decade: 1980s

    City of Runway Show: Milan

    Apparel Category: Men’s clothing

    Name of Publication: Gianni Versace Collezione

    Publication Type: Promotional material

    Title of Article or Illustration Caption: Spring

    Date of Newspaper or Magazine Article: 1987

    Item ID: versace_1987_f02_07dd

    Filename Identifier: lb_df_ver_000538

    Work Type: Designer file

    Resource: lb_df_ver_000538.jpg

    For full access, members of the FIT community may log in here: http://fitdil.fitnyc.edu/

    Please note the online collection is not available to the public.


  8. Manuals Design & Identity

  10. Were they thinking? #sweatshop #adfail