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    North America in 1783


    The accepted boundaries in 1783, after the Revolutionary War. New Orleans still under dispute. Map was drawn by Robert M.Chapin, Jr., published in the Making of Modern America, a high school text book, published in 1950 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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  2. Floral Journey: Native North American Beadwork

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  5. wgsn:

    Great patchwork from Monitaly's spring/summer 2015 collection at Pitti Uomo, Florence.

  6. Tokyo Adorned by Thomas C. Card

  7. fitdesignerfiles:

    Collection: FIT Library Designer Files

    Designer: Kamali, Norma

    Historical Period by Decade: 1990s

    City of Runway Show: New York

    Apparel Category: Women’s clothing

    Apparel Category: Dress accessories

    Name of Publication: New York Magazine

    Publication Type: Magazine

    Title of Article or Illustration Caption: Norma Kamali

    Date of Newspaper or Magazine Article: 1991 Feb. 25

    Pages of Article: p. 70

    Item ID: kamali_1990_f01_07

    Filename Identifier: lb_df_kan_000239

    Work Type: Designer file

    Resource: lb_df_kan_000239.jpg

    For full access, members of the FIT community may log in here: http://fitdil.fitnyc.edu/

    Please note the online collection is not available to the public.


  8. smithsonianlibraries:


    For National Red Rose Day we thought we’d make a fun gif of “a rose resuscitated.” Palingenesis is the act (or idea) of raising a plant from its own burned ashes. Athanasius Kircher was a believer and gave his method in Mundus Subterraneu, 1665. The method is also laid out with this illustration in Curiosities of Nature and Art in Husbandry and Gardening, 1707 by Abbé de Vallemont. 


  9. 78-87 London Youth by Derek Ridgers

  10. The Wes Anderson Collection from Abrams 

    4th fl. — Art Reference PN1998.3.A526 A5 2013 Library Use